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(Bal-e-Jibril-142) Saqi Nama (ساقی نامہ) Sakinama

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )

Saqi Nama

Stanza (1)

Huwa Khaimazan Karwan-E-Bahar
Iram Ban Gya Daman-E-Kohsar

Spring’s caravan has pitched its tent
At the foot of the mountain, making it look like the fabled garden of Iram

Shaheed-E-Azal Lalah Khooni Kafan

With a riot of flowers—iris, rose, narcissus, lily, eglantine,
And tulip in its martyr’s gory shroud.

Jahan Chup Gya Parda’ay Rang Mein
Lahoo Ki Hai Gardish Rag-E-Sang Mein

The landscape is all covered with a multicoloured sheet,
and color flows even in the veins of stones like blood.

Faza Neeli Neeli, Hawa Mein Suroor
Thehar Nahin Aashiyan Mein Tayoor

The breezes blow intoxicatingly in a blue sky,
so that the birds do not feel like remaining in their nests and fly about.

Woh Jooay Kohstan Uchakti Huwi
Atakti, Lachakti, Sirakti Huwi

 Look at that hill‐stream. How it halts
and bends and glides and swings around,

Uchalti, Phisalti, Sanbhalti Huwi
Bare Paich Kha Kar Niklti Huwi

Jumping, slipping and then, collecting itself,
surges up and rushes on.

Ruke Jab To Sil Cheer Deti Hai Ye
Paharon Ke Dil Cheer Deti Hai Ye

Should it be stemmed, it would burst the rocks
and cut open the hills’ hearts

Zara Dekh Ae Saqi-E-Lalah Faam!
Sunati Hai Ye Zindagi Ka Payam

This hill‐stream, my fair saki,
has a message to give us concerning life.

Pila De Mujhe Woh Mai-E-Parda Soz
Ke Ati Nahin Fasal-E-Gul Roz Roz

Attune me to this message and,
Come, let us celebrate the spring, which comes but once a year.

Woh Mai Jis Se Roshan Zameer-E-Hayat
Woh Mai Jis Se Hai Masti-E-Kainat

Give me that wine whose Whose light illuminates life’s mind,
whose heat burns up the veils of hidden things,

Woh Mai Jis Mein Hai Soz-O-Saaz-E-Azal
Woh Mai Jis Se Khulta Hai Raaz-E-Azal

Give me that wine whose heat burns up the veils of hidden things,
Whose light illuminates life’s mind,

Utha Saqiya Parda Iss Raaz Se
Lara De Mamoole Ko Shahbaz Se

Come lift the veil off mysteries,
And make a mere wagtail take eagles on.

Stanza (2)

Zamane Ke Andaz Badle Gye
Naya Raag Hai, Saaz Badle Gye

The times have changed; so have their signs.
New is the music, and so are the instruments.

Huwa Iss Tarah Fash Raaz-E-Farang
Ke Hairat Mein Hai Sheesha Baaz-E-Farang

The magic of the West has been exposed,
And the magician stands aghast.

Purani Siasat Gari Khwaar
Zameen Mir-E-Sultan Se Baizar Hai

The politics of the ancient regime are in disgrace:
world is tired of kings.

Gya Dour-E-Sarmaya Dari, Gya
Tamasha Dikha Kar Madari Gya

The age of capitalism has passed,
The juggler, having shown his tricks, has gone.

Garan Khawab Cheeni Sanbhalne Lage
Hamala Ke Chashme Ubalne Lage

The Chinese are awaking from their heavy sleep.
Fresh springs are bubbling forth from Himalayan heights.

Dil-E-Toor-E-Seena-O-Faran Do Neem
Tajalli Ka Phir Muntazir Hai Kaleem

Cut open is the heart of Sinai and Faran,
And Moses waits for a renewed theophany.

Musalman Hai Touheed Mein Garam Josh
Magar Dil Abhi Taak Hai Zunnar Posh

The Muslim, zealous though about God’s unity,
Still wears the Hindu’s sacred thread around his heart.

Tamadan, Tasawwuf, Shariat, Kalam
Butan-E-Ajam Ke Poojari Tamam!

In culture, mysticism, canon law and dialectical theology—
He worships idols of non‐Arab make.

Haqiqat Khurafat Mein Kho Gyi
Ye Ummat Rawayat Mein Kho Gyi

The truth has been lost in absurdities,
And in traditions is this Ummah rooted still.

Lubhata Hai Dil Ko Kalam-E-Khateeb
Magar Lazzat-E-Shauq Se Be-Naseeb!

The preacher’s sermon may beguile your heart,
But there is no sincerity, no warmth in it.

Byan Iss Ka Mantaq Se Suljha Huwa
Lughat Ke Bakheron Mein Uljha Huwa

It is a tangled skein of lexical complexities,
Sought to be solved by logical dexterity.

Woh Sufi K Tha Khidmat-E-Haq Mein Mard
Mohabbat Mein Yakta, Hamiyyat Mein Fard

The Sufi, once foremost in serving God,
Unmatched in love and ardency of soul,

Ajam Ke Khayalat Mein Kho Gya
Ye Salik Maqamat Mein Kho Gya

Has got lost in the maze of Ajam’s ideas:
At half‐way stations is this traveller stuck.

Bujhi Ishq Ki Aag, Andhair Hai
Musalman Nahin, Raakh Ka Dhair Hai

Gone out is the fire of love. O how sad!
The Muslim is a heap of ashes, nothing more.

Stanza (3)

Sharab-E-Kuhan Phir Pila Saqiya
Wohi Jaam Gardish Mein La Saqiya!

O Saki, serve me that old wine again,
Let that old cup go round once more.

Muhe Ishq Ke Par Laga Kar Ura
Meri Khaak Jugnu Bana Kar Ura

Lend me the wings of Love and make me fly.
Turn my dust to fireflies that flit about.

Khirad Ko Ghulami Se Azad Kar
Jawanon Ko Peeron Ka Ustad Kar

Free young men’s minds from slavery,
And make them mentors of the old.

Har Shakh-E-Millat Tere Nam Se Hai
Nafs Iss Badan Mein Tere Dam Se Hai

The millat’s tree is green thanks to your sap:
You are its body’s breath.

Tarapne Pharakne Ki Toufeeq De
Dil-E-Murtaza(R.A.), Souz-E-Siddique(R.A.) De

Give it the strength to vibrate and to throb;
Lend it the heart of Murtaza, the fervor of Siddiq.

Jigar Se Wohi Teer Phir Paar Kar
Tammana Ko Seenon Mein Baidar Kar

Drive that old arrow through its heart
Which will revive desire in it.

Tere Asmanon Ke Taron Ki Khair
Zameenon Ke Shab Zinda Daron Ki Khair

Blest be the stars of Your heavens; blest be
Those who spend their nights praying to You.

Jawanon Ko Soz-E-Jigar Bakhs De
Mera Ishq, Meri Nazar Bakhs De

Endow the young with fervent souls;
Grant them my vision and my love.

Meri Nao Girdaab Se Paar Kar
Ye Sabat Hai Tu Iss Ko Syyar Kar

I am a boat in a whirlpool, stuck in one place.
Rescue me and grant me mobility.

Bata Mujh Ko Asrar-E-Marg-O-Hayat
K Teri Nigahon Mein Hai Kainat

Tell me about the mysteries of life and death,
For Your eye spans the universe.

Mere Didah-e-Tar Ki Be-Khawabiyan
Mere Dil Ki Poshida Be-Tabiyan

The sleeplessness if my tear‐shedding eyes;
The restless yearnings hidden in my heart;

Mere Nala-e-Neem Shab Ka Niaz
Meri Khalwat-o-Anjuman Ka Gudaz

The prayer-fulness of my cries at midnight;
My melting into tears in solitude and company;

Umangain Meri, Arzoo’ain Meri
Umeedain Meri, Justujoo’ain Meri

Meri Fitrat Aayna-E-Rozgaar
Gazaalan-E-Afkaar Ka Marghzaar

My aspirations, longings and desires;
My hopes and quests; my mind that mirrors the times (A field for thought’s gazelles to roam);

Mera Dil, Meri Razm Gah-E-Hayat
Gamanon Ke Lashkar, Yaqeen Ka Sabaat

My heart, which is a battlefield of life,
Where legions of doubt war with faith—

Yehi Kuch Hai Saqi Mataa-e-Faqeer
Issi Se Faqeeri Mein Hun Main Ameer

O Saki, these are all my wealth;
Possessing them, I am rich in my poverty.

Mere Kafle Mein Luta De Isse
Luta De, Thikane Laga De Isse!

Distribute all these riches in my caravan,
And let them come to some good use.

Stanza (4)

Damadam Rawan Hai Yam-e-Zindagi
Har Ek Shay Se Paida Ram-e-Zindagi

In constant motion is the sea of life.
All things display life’s volatility.

Issi Se Huwi Hai Badan Ki Namood
Ke Shaole Mein Poshida Hai Mouj-E-Dood

It is life that puts bodies forth,
Just as a whiff of smoke becomes a flame.

Garan Gharche Hai Sohbat Aab-O-Gil
Khush Ayi Isse Mehnat Aab-O-Gil

Unpleasant to it is the company of matter,
but it likes to see uts striving to improve itself.

Ye Sabit Bhi Hai Aur Sayyar Bhi
Anasir Ke Phandon Se Baizar Bhi

It is fixed, yet in motion,
straining at the leash to get free of the elements.

Ye Wahdat Hai Kasrat Mein Har Dam Aseer
Magar Har Kahin Be Chugun, Benazir

A unity imprisoned in diversity,
It is unique in every form and shape.

 Ye Alam, Ye Butkhana-E-Shas Jihaat
Issi Ne Tarasha Hai Ye Somnaat

This world, this six‐dimensioned idol‐house,
This Somnat is all of its fashioning.

Pasand Iss Ko Takrar Ki Khoo Nahin
Ke Tu Main Nahin, Aur Main Tu Nahin

It is not its way to repeat itself:
You are not I, I am not you.

Mann-O-Tu Se Hai Anjuman Afreen
Magar Ayn-E-Mehfil Mein Khalwat Nasheen

With you and me and others it has formed assemblies,
but is solitary in their midst.

Chamak Iss Ki Bijli Mein, Tare Mein Hai
Ye Chandi Mein, Sone Mein, Paare Mein Hai

It shines in lightning, in the stars,
In silver, gold and mercury.

Issi Ke Bayabaan, Issi Ke Babool
Issi Ke Hain Kante, Issi Ke Hain Phool

Its is the wilderness, its are the trees,
Its are the roses, its are the thorns.

Kahin Iss Ki Taqat Se Kohsaar Choor
Kahin Iss Ke Phande Mein Jibreel-O-Hoor

It pulverizes mountains with its might,
And captures Gabriel and houris in its noose.

Kahin Jurrah Shaheen-E-Seemab Rang
Lahoo Se Chakoron Ke Aluda Chang

There is a silver‐grey, brave falcon here,
Its talons covered with the blood of partridges,

Kabutar Kahin Ashiyane Se Door
Pharakta Huwa Jaal Mein Na-Saboor

And over there, far from its nest,
A pigeon helplessly aflutter in a snare.

Stanza (5)

Faraib-E-Nazar Hai Sakoon-O-Sabaat
Tarapta Hai Har Zarra-E-Kainat

Stability is an illusion of eyes,
For every atom in the world pulsates with change.

Theharta Nahin Karwaan-E-Wujood
Ke Har Lehza Hai Taza Shaan-E-Wujood

The caravan of life does not halt anywhere,
For every moment life renews itself.

Samjhta Hai Tu Raaz Hai Zindagi
Faqat Zauq-E-Parwaaz Hai Zindagi

Do you think life is great mystery?
No, it is only a desire to soar aloft.

Bohat Iss Ne Dekhe Hain Past-O-Buland
Safar Iss Ko Manzil Se Barh Kar Pasand

It has seen many ups and downs,
But likes to travel rather than to reach the goal;

Safar Zindagi Ke Liye Barg-O-Saaz
Safar Hai Haqiqat, Hazar Hai Majaaz

For travelling is life’s outfit: it
Is real, while rest is appearance, nothing more.

Ulajh Kar Sulajhne Mein Lazzat Isse
Tarapne Pharakne Mein Rahat Isse

Life loves to tie up knots and then unravel them.
Its pleasure lies in throbbing and in fluttering.

Huwa Jab Isse Samna Mout Ka
Kathan Tha Bara Thaamna Mout Ka

When it found itself face to face with death,
It learned that it was hard to ward it off.

Uter Kar Jahan-E-Makafat Mein
Rahi Zindagi Mout Ki Ghaat Mein

So it descended to this world, where retribution is the law,
And lay in wait for death.

Mazaq-E-Dooi Se Bani Zouj Zouj
Uthi Dast-O-Kohsaar Se Fouj Fouj

Because of its love of duality, It sorted all things out in pairs,
And then arose, host after host, from mountains and from wilderness.

Gul Is Shakh Se Tootte Bhi Rahe
Issi Shakh Se Phootte Bhi Rahe

It was a branch from which flowers kept shedding
and bursting forth afresh.

Samajhe Hain Nadan Issay Be-Sabaat
Ubharta Hai Mit Mit Ke Naqsh-E-Hayat

The ignorant think that life’s impress is ephemeral,
but it fades only to emerge anew.

Bari Taiz Jolan, Bari Zood Ras
Azal Se Abad Tak Ram-E-Yak Nafas

Extremely fleet‐footed, It reaches its goal instantly.
From time’s beginning to its end is but one moment’s way for it.

Zamana Ke Zanjeer-E-Ayyam Hai
Damon Ke Ulat Phair Ka Naam Hai

Time, chain of days and nights, is nothing but
A name for breathing in and breathing out.

Stanza (6)

Ye Mouj-E-Nafs Kya Hai Talwar Hai
Khudi Kya Hai, Talwaar Ki Dhaar Hai

What is this whiff of air called breath? A sword,
and selfhood is that sword’s sharp edge.

Khudi Kya Hai, Raaz-E-Daroon-E-Hayat
Khudi Kya Hai, Baidari-E-Kainat

What is the self? Life’s inner mystery,
The universe’s waking up.

Khudi Jalwa Badmast-O-Khilwat Pasand
Samundar Hai Ek Boond Pani Mein Band

The self, drunk with display, is also fond of solitude;
—an ocean in a drop.

 Andhere Ujale Mein Hai Taabnaak
Mann-O-Tu Mein Paida, Mann-O-Tu Se Paak

It shines in light and darkness both;
Displayed in individuals, yet free from them.

Azal Iss Ke Peeche, Abad Samne
Na Had Iss Ke Peeche. Na Had Samne

Behind it is eternity without beginning, and before it is eternity without an end;
It is unlimited both ways.

Zamane Ke Darya Mein Behti Huwi
Sitam Iss Ki Moujon Ke Sehti Huwi

Swept on by the waves of time’s stream,And at the mercy of their buffeting,

Tajasus Ki Rahain Badalti Huwi
Damadam Nigahain Badalti Huwi

It yet changes the course of its quest constantly,
Renewing its way of looking at things.

Subak Iss Ke Hathon Mein Sang-E-Garan
Pahar Is Ski Zarbon Se Raig-E-Rawan

For it huge rocks are light as air:
It smashes mountains into shifting sand.

Safar Iss Ka Anjaam-O-Aghaz Hai
Yehi Iss Ki Taqweem Ka Raaz Hai

Both its beginning and its end are journeying,
For constant motion is its being’s law.

Kiran Chand Mein Hai, Sharr Sang Mein
Ye Berang Hai Doob Kar Rang Mein

It is a ray of light in the moon and a spark in stone. It dwells
In colors, but is colorless itself.

Isse Wasta Kya Kam-O-Baish Se
Nashaib-O-Faraz-O-Pas-O-Paish Se

It has nothing to do with more or less,
With light and low, with fore and aft.

Azal Se Hai Ye Kashmakash Mein Aseer
Huwi Khaak-E-Adam Mein Soorat Pazeer

Since time’s beginning it was struggling to emerge,
And finally emerged in the dust that is man.

Khudi Ka Nasheman Tere Dil Mein Hai
Falak Jis Tarah Aankh Ke Til Mein Hai

It is in your heart that the Self has its abode,
As the sky is reflected in the pupil of the eye.

Stanza (7)

Khudi Ke Nigheban Ko Hai Zehr-E-Naab
Woh Naa Jis Se Jati Rahe Is Ski Aab

To one who treasures his self,
bread won at the cost of self‐respect is gall.

Wohi Naa Hai Iss Ke Liye Arjumand
Rahe Jis Se Dunya Mein Gardan Buland

He values only bread
he gains with head held high.

Firo Faal-E-Mehmood Se Darguzar
Khudi Ko Nigah Rakh, Ayazi Na Kar

Abjure the pomp and might of a Mahmud;
Preserve your self, do not be an Ayaz.

Wohi Sajda Hai Laaeq-E-Ehtamam
Ke Ho Jis Se Har Sajda Tujh Par Haraam

Worth offering is only that prostration
which makes all others forbidden acts.

Ye Alam, Ye Hangama-E-Rang-O-Soot
Ye Alam Ke Hai Zair-E-Farmaan-E-Mout

This world, this riot of colors and of sounds,
Which is under the sway of death,

Ye Alam, Ye Butkhana-E-Chasm-O-Gosh
Jahan Zindagi Hai Faqat Khurad-O-Nosh

This idol‐house of eye and ear,
In which to live is but to eat and drink,

Khudi Ki Ye Hai Manzil-E-Awaleen
Musafir ! Ye Tera Nasheman Nahin

Is nothing but the Self’s initial stage.
O traveller, it is not your final goal.

Teri Aag Iss Khaakdaan Se Nahin
Jahan Tujh Se Hai, Tu Jahan Se Nahin

The fire that is you has not come out of this heap of dust.
You have not come out of this world; It has come out of you.

Barhe Ja Ye Koh-E-Giran Torh Kar
Tilism-E-Zaman-O-Makan Torh Kar

Smash up this mountainous blockade,
Go further on and break out oft his magic ring of time and space.

Khudi Sher-E-Mola, Jahan Iss Ka Sayd
Zameen Iss Ki Sayd, Asman Is Ka Sayd

God’s lion is the self; Its quarry is world
Its quarry are both earth and sky.

Jahan Aur Bhi Hain Abhi Be-Namood
K Khali Nahin Hai Zameer-E-Wujood

There are a hundred worlds still to appear,
For Being’s mind has not drained of its creative capabilities.

Har Ek Muntazir Teri Yalghaar Ka
Teri Shoukhi-E-Fikr-O-Kirdaar Ka

All latent worlds are waiting for releasing blows
From your dynamic action and exuberant thought.

Ye Hai Maqsad-E-Gardish-E-Rozgaar
K Teri Khudi Tujh Pe Ho Ashkaar

It is the purpose of the revolution of the spheres
That your selfhood should be revealed to you.

Tu Hai Faateh-E-Alam-E-Khoob-O-Zisht
Tujhe Kya Bataon Teri Sarnawisht

You are the conqueror of this world of good and evil.
How can I tell you The whole of your long history?

Haqiqat Pe Hai Jama-E-Harf Tang
Haqiqat Hai Ayna, Guftaar Zang

Words are but a strait‐jacket for reality:
Reality is a mirror, and speech the coating that makes it opaque.

Farozan Hai Sine Mein Shama-E-Nafs
Magar Taab-E-Guftaar Kehti Hai, Bas !

Breath’s candle is alight within my breast,
But my power of utterance cries halt.

‘Agar Yak Sir-E-Muay Bartar Param
Farogh-E-Tajali Basozd Param’

Should I fly even a hairbreadth too high,
The blaze of glory would burn up my wings.

( Read Explanation here - نظم کی تشریح یہاں پڑھیں )

It’s rare these days that I agree with Nick. To be honest it was rare before he jumped into bed with Cameron to form the present Tory-led coalition. But on Europe, he has made a wise intervention in a nonsensical week that brought us the debate on the referendum question: are we in, out or should we shake it all about?

Quite rightly he sees jobs and prosperity in our membership of the EU. We’re stronger together than we are apart as the powerhouses of China, India and Brazil race forward. There would be no gain whatsoever in a divorce that would lead us to be isolated and on the fringes.

The Tory mob that has questioned our EU membership for decades now has their party in power. Instead of advancing Britain’s cause with sensible policies, what do they do? Well, the rent-a-gob anti EU brigade fill the airwaves and red-top margins with vitriol about Europe, it’s perceived ill’s and it’s drip-drip takeover of Mother Britain. They beggar belief. It was this very disjointed and mad view on Europe that caused their party to lose so much support in the country the last time they lost power.

Cameron must be devastated that the implosion that caused Thatcher and Major so many sleepless nights has come to haunt him too. The work he has put in trying to humanise his party has been shown to have been a complete waste of time. You can’t change a leopards spots, so they say. Well Cameron attempted it and failed. Although he has got his hands on the levers of power, he must now surely realise the mad element in his party have a slimy grip too. Not only that but the Liberal’s want a hand on the tiller too. Cameron is in a no win situation, just like Thatcher and Major. You can’t control the uncontrollable. He will have the Liberal’s on one side pulling one way and his anti Europeans pulling in the other.

All these people will want air time and the public will see what an unusual alliance of convenience this coalition is. It’s power hungry and that is all. The centre of power at Number 10 will have no ideology but it will have to satisfy the rabid wings of both parties; that or perish under the pressure from within.

The question is begged: will they implode before the scheduled election date or will the public clamour for their removal first? Whichever? It should be interesting watching these opposites slug it out on the BBC and Sky. 

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