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Essay On Education System Now A Days

Essay on The Importance of Technology Education in Schools

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The Importance of Technology Education in Schools

The education world has been greatly influenced by rapidly changing technology and the increasing availability of information. Schools have advanced by leaps and bounds when it comes to incorporating technology into the learning environment, however, many more advances need to be made. In all areas of the country, educators are trying to help students keep up with technology, but there are more changes that are essential for preparing the next generation for the future.

By increasing computer usage by students, installing classroom Internet access and providing instructional classes dedicated to software and hardware education, schools have tried to provide an up-to-date…show more content…

Being proficient in using technology will be a prerequisite for almost any employment for younger students. It is the school’s job to prepare many of these kids for employment, and that is especially true for the lower socioeconomic areas where students with computers at home are rare. Eisenberg and Johnson describe this basic skills education as the “laundry list” approach to computer education. By ‘list” they mean isolated skills, such as word processing, or searching the Internet. “Students need to be able to use computers and other technology flexibly, creatively and purposefully. All learners should be able to recognize what they need to accomplish, determine whether a computer will help them to do so, and then be able to use the computer as part of the process of accomplishing their task.”1

Educators must also help students to become technologically flexible. One of the largest problem that I see almost everyday is a computer user’s unwillingness to try new or upgraded software. Many people get use to using certain programs and getting them to try new versions or different manufacturers’ products is nearly impossible. Students these days must be able to shorten the learning curve on new software, and be comfortable in exploring unfamiliar programs. The same could also be said for exploring computer hardware.

In the town of Claremont, New Hampshire, students are given the opportunity to explore the guts of a

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I began teaching in a public high school 1968.  From my perspective, the basics have not changed: classrooms, teacher, students, books, paper.  After those items, little is the same.  From the dress code to technology and everything in between, things are different. I am basing my experiences on two schools because my husband taught in a different high school in the same town. 

Taking one thing at a time--the dress code for both teachers and students has completely changed.  The women teachers could not wear anything but dresses, skirts and blouses, hose, and high heels.  The men had to wear ties and dress shirts and pants.  No pants or certainly no jeans for anyone.  The female students also wore the same as the teachers, except for the shoes.  The big question was the length of the skirt.  Mini-skirts were popular---and the principals loved to measure the girls' skirts.  In addition, the boys would be sent home for outlandish hair cuts--no mohawks or shaved heads or facial hair of any sort.  This did not begin to change until the early 1970s. This is from the 1965 High School Handbook:

The popular clothing fashion for high school girls is clean, simple dresses, or blouses and skirts and bobbysoxer. Many girls wear flats to make their outfit look dressier.

The boys usually wear clean blue jeans, cords, peggers, and comfortable tee shirts or sports shirts. The most important thing is cleanliness. It doesn’t matter how simple your outfit is, if it is clean.
The high school student usually wears his school clothes to most of the school games and parties, unless otherwise specified.

Discipline was certainly different.  Capital punishment was still in vogue.  The principals had the paddle where the students could see it.  In the lower grades, each teacher had his/her own paddle.  This practice did not end until the late 1970s.

In my state, the teacher's pay was less than poor in my beginning year.  My first salary as a full time high school speech and English teacher was $4,000 per year.  The salaries did not begin to grow until the mid 1970s, and then still very slowly. You were paid about $400 per year more if you had a masters degree.

In 1968, there was one blackline mimeograph machine for the teachers to use that made a mess on your hands and clothes. Other than a 35 mm reel to reel film machine with 1950s movies, there was no other technology.  The teacher used the blackboard, the textbooks, a teacher edition if there was one, and her creativeness.  Seldom did the classroom come with a set of dictionarys or any other kind of reference books.

There were no spring breaks when I first started teaching.  That practice did not come into the schools until sometime in the mid 1970s.  The last semester of school was so long without any breaks other than may be day at Easter.

Parents were less involved in the classrooms. Overall, I believe that parents respected and trusted teachers' opinions more than they do today.  That comes from a lot of conferences during my tenure as a counselor during the last ten years that I taught.

Students' were more innocent about adult things probably due to the television, movies, and technology in general.  That is not to say that students were drinking beer, partying, and making out.  It seemed to be a less dangerous time.

The course work in the public school has advanced. The kinesthetic aspect of teaching, certainly in the lower grades, has made a big difference for slower achievers. Students' certainly know a lot more; however, I think that they are more easily distracted and have to be more entertained than in the past.

One last area, the students' home lives are more unstable than in the past.  Of course, there have always been some single parent homes, but nothing as in the lives' of children today.  That makes a big difference in the educational system.

When I stopped teaching in 2010, my classroom looked quite different than the one in 1968.

  • 2010's Classroom: computer, printer, video machine, white board, dictionaries, thesauruses, classroom telephone, intercom.  Yes, education has changed.

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