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Abai Kunanbaev Essaytyper

Comic Book Justice is where I share my thoughts on the idea of justice as it is presented in the world of comic books (a.k.a. graphic novels, sequential art, manga, etc.) and how it works, or doesn’t work, in the world of comic book readers. It addresses topics including:

Of course, I may also occasionally post observations about comics that aren’t related to issues of justice and vice-versa, as well as thoughts unrelated to either—although I have a talent for relating most topics back to one or both of these subjects.

My goal is to convince people that justice isn’t just something that should exist in comic books and that comics is a uniquely American art form as well-suited as any other to address serious social concerns (and tell great stories).

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Richard De Angelis

Me in January 2005 standing behind a case containing more than $1 million worth of comic books at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

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