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Cricket Is Religion In India Essay

Cricket is the national game of the English. Of all outdoor games, it requires the most of the skill for playing. It is played in India also and has got so much interest that it has even well said it is worshipped as a new religion of Indians.

Cricket requires a very large ground covered with smooth, level, closely cut and well-rolled turf. It is played with a hard leather ball, bats made of willows wood fitted with one handle and wickets. There are two wickets, places twenty-two yards apart, each consisting of three short posts called stumps stuck upright in the ground and surmounted by two small wooden pegs called ‘bails’.

The players consist of batsmen, bowler and fielders. The essence of game is as follows. The bowler delivers the ball from one wicket to the batsman stationed at the opposite wicket. The object of the bowler is to get the batsman out by striking his wicket with the ball so that the bails are knocked off or by forcing him to strike the ball up in air so that it can be caught by one of the fielders before it touches the ground. In either case, the batsman is ‘out’ and another roof the same side must take his place.

The object of the batsman is to defend his wicket and get as many runs as he can. A run is taken when batsman strikes the ball to such a distance that he and his fellow batsman at the other end have time to run across to each other’s wicket. Every run counts a point and the side that gets the greatest number of runs before it is put out, wins the match. The business of fielders is to stop the ball when struck by the batsman and return it to the wicket keeper or bowler quickly so that the batsman gets no time to make a run.

Each match has two teams consisting of eleven players each. Cricket is a fine open-air exercise and also a good mental discipline for it trains the judgment and promotes good fellowship.


Popularity Of Cricket In India Over Hockey

It’s unsweetened but very true that cricket is a single sport dominating many other sports in India. Cricket passion dominated our national sport hockey. There is no doubt that today cricket is diminishing other sports in our country. People think cricket, eat cricket, drink cricket, wear cricket every day in India. Every children in school taught that hockey is national game but cricket is known by birth in the nation.
It’s very common sight that every street corner you can see children playing cricket in India, but children don’t know how to play or rules are involved in hockey? An aspiring sports child who is almost as tall as the cricket bat he says that someday he would be like Sachin Tendulkar or Rahul Dravid. Why not like hockey players Dhyan Chand or Dhanraj Pillay? In reality it’s very simple that they don’t know who these famous players are. It’s the parents, society or schools should be blamed and it is their responsibility to teach the national sport or other sports.
Cricket is the only game set back for the progress of other sports in India. Commercialization, advertising, media and television world have promoted the cricket to a greater extent, which is badly impacting hockey or any other sports in India. Cricket and its players get all the public attention during match or any public events but the same opportunity is not given to the hockey. Due to this attention cricket players make money in a very short span of time and become rich. But in hockey it is not the case for players. Many upcoming players in sports like hockey, football, or any other athletic sports cannot continue their dreams, passion because of financial support provided them for practice and to participate in the international level competition. Lack of government support, facilities, playgrounds, expertise in the same field, and corruption in the government departments pull down of young children in the sports.
Huge crowd will gather for the one day, test, or twenty-twenty...

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