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Free Subculture Essay

The Basketball Subculture Essay example

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Introduction In this analysis I will cover the different aspects of sport subculture and what it means to be a recognizable member within a group. I will give examples of what it means to be a part of such subcultures. For example, shared ways of dressing, group status and credibility, as well as some of the groups norms and rituals. The specific group I will discuss will be my basketball team and the role I play within it. Because my team is at highly competitive level, our norms may be unlike to other teams’ especially those of less competitive teams. Each and every team has their own culture and practices, and it is through these that they identify themselves as being different from other teams along with giving them an identity and a…show more content…

It is commonly know that in basketball players only wear the brands such as Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. Then within these big three brands there are Kobe’s, LeBron’s, and Durant’s which are all under Nike, and D-Rose which is under Adidas. These of course are all big name professional basketball players who put out their own shoes under the brand they are sponsored by. Other than shoes basketball players also follow those brands for casual and practice wear such as hoodies, t-shirts, socks, sweats or track pants, and athletic shorts.
However, as mentioned in Wheaton’s article “Just Do It,” you could be labeled as a poser if you don’t have the credibility of being a part of that subculture. One of the biggest tell tale signs that can distinguish between players and posers is whether or not they only wear their basketball shoes on the court. In this situation “posers” can be identified when wearing basketball certain shoes outside or casually.
Credibility on the court comes a lot with age and experience. In order to gain credibility one either needs to be very skilled or play at an elite level. At the college level everyone is pretty knowledgeable of each other within their league. Even within my own team there is status and credibility, it generally is dependant on seniority and skill level. The older returning players or vets as they are called, will have a higher status and credibility than a first year or rook. My role

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LGBT Subculture

LGBT, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, subculture is one that is unique and fluid with its definition. The same way that not all straight people are alike, there is not one single definition for people who lead non-traditional lifestyles. There are a lot of influencing factors to determining the LGBT subculture for various people. Some of the influencing factors on the culture of the LGBT communities through out the world include the location of the person or group of people, the acceptance of that lifestyle, fear, availability to social events, and the support of the person or group of people. There are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people all over the world; however, subculture or prevalence of the presence of the people depends on the above listed factors.

Just like many other groups of people through out history, there have always been struggles for people who are viewed as leading a non-traditional lifestyle. There is a lot of stereotyping of the behaviors, and negative actions taken to try and cease the presence of the behaviors. However, through the struggle the LGBT subculture has found a way to come forth and make a stand. While the nation has made a significant amount of progress in the overall acceptance of the LGBT subculture and the presence of openly non-traditional lifestyles, there are also a lot of people who would harm those who behave in this manner. This is why location and fear play a big role in the prevalence of the presence of the LGBT people. Many people who feel this way on the inside exhibit more traditional lifestyles on the outside in fear of being rejected by society, or even physically harmed. There are still cases today where men and women are beaten or even murdered in extreme cases for their LGBT behaviors or expression. It is sad and painful; however, the communities that accept this type of lifestyle are doing the best they can to help support the LGBT subculture and communities.

LGBT subcultures are present all around the world; however, many people are unaware of the presence due to a couple of influencing factors. Some of the most impactful influencing factors include the location of the person or group of people, the acceptance of that lifestyle, fear, availability to social events, and the support of the person or group of people. While there are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people all over the world, some are more comfortable exhibiting their sexuality and lifestyle than others because of these factors.

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