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Should The Us Annexed The Philippines Dbq Essay For Ap

  • Yes. Absolutely correct!

    This issue will help the Filipino people to achieve their dreams and to live a comfortable and also our country the Philippines. There will be lot of opportunity that will bring to us if we agree of this issue.
    We can now have a job that will help our family.

  • For Annexation for Many Reasons

    The Philippines did not have a stable government and were weak. In addition to this, if the U.S. did not annex the Philippines, then other countries such as Germany or Japan could have easily taken over due to the lack of government in the Philippines. Germany and other countries like it then had a chance to expand their empires even more. Also, the reasons for annexation were 1. To educate the people because everyone deserves the right to an education. 2. To lead the Philippines in the right direction towards independence and self-government. 3. To "Christianize" (which I do not agree about because the Philippine people were already forced into Catholicism by the Spanish). Through the annexation of the Philippines, new market opportunities would have been created. Trading could have expanded and the U.S. could trade with more countries and obtain more goods. Furthermore, the Philippines only had a population of 7 million. That means that they were not a big community. Back then, Mahan brought up a good idea and said that the Philippines could be a great spot to supply navy bases that would protect the U.S. And the people of the Philippines would be under the protection of the U.S. Additionally, the Philippines would also supply a spot for a coaling station. The U.S. had already annexed other islands such as Hawaii. Moreover, the U.S. also wanted some type of power. Other countries like Germany were expanding their empire and expanding their armies. If the U.S. annexed the Philippines, we would have a great opportunity to gain some power and expand our empire. To conclude, the annexation of the Philippines was indeed a good idea due to the reasons behind it, the new business markets, possible spots for bases and stations, and the power the U.S. could have gained from it.

  • Annexation?! Of course!!

    The reasons behind annexation were simple. First, the U.S. Wanted to educate the residents of the Philippines. Everyone deserves the right to an education. Secondly, the U.S. Wanted to point the residents in the right direction towards independence by leading them into a self-government. In addition to this, the Philippines were weak due to their lack of a government. To go along with this, if the U.S. Would have not annexed the Philippines, other countries such as Germany or Japan could have easily taken over. This would mean that other empires would be expanded and would gain even more power. The U.S. Wanted power and they wanted that feeling of expanding an empire. Furthermore, the Philippines provided a spot for naval bases and coaling stations to e established. Also, trading could be done more and with better countries because new business opportunities would have been available to the U.S. Basically, all the United States wanted to do was do was it is named for. We wanted to UNITE and expand our empire. Lastly, the United States already had annexed places such as Hawaii and they were not wrong for doing it again!

    People argue that the U.S. Went against everything they believed was true. I semi-agree with this but doesn't the U.S. Also believe in a strong government and that everyone has a right to an education? Back then, power and money were the two things that every country seriously desired. The United States was no different because if everyone else was expanding and obtaining more power for their countries, why could we Americans do the same?!

  • Yes I believe America made the right choice

    I believe that America made the right decision for annexing the Philippians. Like Hans said, U.S made a profit from gaining control of the Philippians. The U.S was not the only one benefiting from the annex because the Filipinos were granted protection. The Filipinos were incapable of self-government. The Philippians were just under Spanish forces and were treated wrong. Although they wanted their freedom, they weren’t ready for what was going to happen later on. If you are going to be independent, you must have a very good navy and army or else some other country with a large army is going to take control of that area. Our country has the right weapons and brains to help protect others. If the U.S haven’t had taken the Philippians under their wing, the Philippines would have been taken over by another country. Many different colonizing countries including Japan, England, and Germany were waiting for the right time to control the Philippines. If it wasn’t for the Americans freeing those Filipinos from the Spanish, those people living on the island would have fell at the guns of those countries. This saying, they would be in the same position they were when the Spanish were in-control. The U.S. Felt as if the situation was all God’s plan. They all believed that God drove them to the Philippines and it was their duty to protect them. It was known that if the Americans haven't have fled the Spanish out, the people of the Philippines would have continued to be treated unfairly. It was also certain that if they allowed them to be free, another country would have taken control.

  • Yes, the United States should have annexed the Philippines.

    It was a necessary and wise decision because it freed the Filipinos from the devastating Spanish force - which persecuted and executed them and mistreated them with an unjust anarchical government. It also benefited to the United States because they opened trade ports for various goods and services and broadened business interests. It also served as a fueling and repair station for U.S. naval vessels and ships. It also contributed to their imperialism - hadn't they annexed the Philippines, the countries of Japan, France, and Germany would have seized the islands.

  • Yes, the United States should have annexed the Philippines.

    Yes, I believe that the United States should have annexed the Philippines. Although there are a great number of benefits that the United States would have received had it not annexed the Philippines, it would be morally reprehensible. By not annexing the Philippines, we would be no better than when the British ruled the United States, and England had a tight grasp on all aspects of our government and our populace. By annexing the Philippines, we give them many of the freedoms that we enjoy.

  • Our Country, The Philippines, needs The U.S.A

    Our country, the Philippines needs the U.S.A.
    We need the help of American armies to fight against the countries who try to invade our country. They helped us before and we are grateful for that. Let them be on our side always. If they get a benefit by having annexed with us, so what! We benefited all their help as well!

  • Thomas Jefferson's Imperial Republic would have been realized, and both the Filipinos and the US would have been better off for it

    It is not at all condescending to say that the Philippines were an impoverished, divided, if not somewhat barbaric country before the arrival of the United States. They did not really have a common language (Tanglong was spoken by less than half the country), or modern farming techniques. After the 'colonization' by the US,they developed two common languages, English and Tanglong, one of which they have to thank the US for, and their population had exploded in part thanks to more modern technology brought by the US.
    Imperialism is not against US values, it is in our constitution, the Federalist papers, and the words and actions of our greatest presidents. Grant wanted to annex the Dominican Republic, and Jefferson wanted Cuba. The only thing that prevented the annexation of the DR was white racism, and the same could be said for the Philippines.
    Had they been annexed (and treated as full US citizens) they would today have a much lower crime rate, a less corrupt court system, higher levels of education and a whole lot more help dealing with the Islamic terrorism that is running rampant on their southern islands

  • Philippines is a failed state

    Crippling corruption.
    Terrible to non-existent infrastructure.
    Rampant crime.
    Poor educational systems.
    Terrible out of control pollution.
    Terrible healthcare... And only if you have cash in hand to get it.
    Over populated cities with NO urban planning.
    Out of control birth rates
    Abusive police.
    Abusive military.
    Crippling enslavement to the Catholic Church.
    Oh.... Did I mention POVERTY?!
    If Philippines was annexed by Cambodia, or even Ethiopia, it would be better off!
    If annexed by the US? Well I can guarantee Manila wouldn't be debating if it is or is not the Gates of hell! My vote by the way is that it is!

  • Obviously! No Doubt

    The Spanish American War had been won with naval superiority and power. The Philippines were simply another territory that Spain relinquished to the U.S as a part of the spoils of war. Fought for miscellaneous reasons the U.S still won the war and even paid Spain for the islands as a peace offering. Regardless of moral reasons the U.S had the right to own, operate, and do as they see fit with the Philippine islands. If the natives were to rule themselves the 20 million dollars spent on this stepping stone to Asia would have gone to waste. It was vital that America annex the Philippines, industrialize their country, and then use it as a route to Asia. Even though the military tactics used in the uprisings seem inhumane, keep in mind that in 30 years the Filipinos and Japanese would do the exact same to American POWs during World War II.


    The opposition to the anti-imperialist faction held a view much like the early stated ends- justifies-the-means perspective. Perhaps a very satisfactory summation of the view of the pro-annexation faction might be expressed in a speech from a candidate who ran for the U.S. Senate, AlbertJ. Beveridge, in the election in Indiana, delivered on September 16, 1898:

    “The opposition tells us that we ought not to govern a people without their consent. I answer,the rule…that all just government derives its authority from the consent of the governe

    d, applies only tothose who are capable of self-government. We govern the Indians without their consent, we govern our

    territories without their consent, we govern our children without their consent…Would not he people of 

    the Philippines prefer the just, human, civilizing government of this Republic to the savage, bloody

    Spanish rule…from which we have rescued them?” (Document B).

    While the senator was boundlessly and incredibly insultingly condescending and patronizing towards thepeople of the Philippines (comparing them to children?), the point is still well expressed. The Philippinesat the time was no non-violent, stable-

    economy’d, democratic republic. They were dying of diseases

    that any competent medical care could take care of, crimes such as slavery and headhunting wererampant, and there were many places that were separated from the advents of the technology of theera. Could one reasonably say they were capable of competent self-governance or a stable government?According to many, certainly not, including President McKinley (Document C).One of the advantages of making judgments on historical decisions based on their repercussionsis that, obviously, there is access to definite information concerning the repercussions. And with thatcomes also information to much more context of the time than may be afforded by simple opinionsexpressed in speech in a period where an event may just be in its incubation period. The annexation of the Philippines did come with a three year guerrilla war managed by the natives, this is certainly true,and acts of varying atrocity were committed by the occupying U.S. army, such is also true, to afrightening degree (the population of the Philippines decreased by over one million by the aftermath of the war); despite all that, however, by 1900, there was an observance of the original purpose of the

    annexation. This wasn’t to permanently absorb the Philippines into the United States, there was never

    any such intention. It was to


    the Philippines, apparently forcibly if need be, for self-rule.In 1900 the Taft commission was sent to the Philippines, by 1901 William Taft was inauguratedas the Civil Governor of the Philippines, and by 1902 the military rule was removed, putting fullexecutive power to Taft, the then first Governor-General of the Philippines. It was over the next fewdecades that administrative power was slowly delegated more and more to the Philippines. In thebeginning, the American government was very reluctant to allocate any administrative strength to theFilipinos, but in 1907, the first elected Philippine Assembly was formed with an assigned PhilippineCommission as higher legislature. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson implemented legislature that would lead toPhilippine independence. In 1916, the Jones Act instituted a Philippine Senate and guaranteed eventualindependence.The Philippines increasing autonomy were not the only things that were changing inside thecountry. Foreign trade increased from sixty-two million pesos (with thirteen percent as trade with the

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