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Assignment Problem Ca Final

Can anyone please solve this Assignment Problem of ICWAI Final. Actually I know how to solve assignment problem but the blank space in the matrix is a bit puzzling to me. this is from Operational Research Paper. Thanks

Q: A travelling salesman has to visit 5 cities. He wishes to start from a particular city, visit each city once and then return to his starting point. The travelling cost for each city from a particular city is given below:

                                        to city 

from city     A         B          C        D       E         

A                 -         4           7        3         4

B                4         -           6          3        4

C               7          6         -           7         5

D               3         3          7          -          7

E              4          4           5         7         -

What is the sequence of the visit of the salesman, so that the cost is optimal?

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