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Mpa Personal Statements

Having various experiences of national and international institutions with mass experiences in the field of management besides other administrative experience, I would like to express my keen eagerness for getting admittance in the chevening scholarship for the academic year 2009-2010 in the field of Public Administration.

I am currently Risk manager (Market) at Centralbank of Afghanistan (Da Afghanistan Bank); I have completed my primary, secondary and high school education at Nanagarhar Afghanistan.

In addition, I had honor to be officially invited to participate in different regional and international conferences in Turkey, India and Pakistan. I have gone through many short term educational and technical courses and have had the opportunity to participate in various national and international trainings.

Besides I am president of AYIG (Afghan Youth Initiative Group). This is one of new established active associations in Afghanistan, working for peace through promoting and developing leadership training, arranging workshop, meeting and conferences among youths as well as I am lecturer of Economics subjects and English at karwan Karwan Inistitue.

I had thought English and Mathematic for more then two years in Arian English language Center and had the responsibility of back person for the general manager.

I am graduated from the Kabul University with B.A in Economics, during my study I started work with New Speen Ghar construction company as project and finance assistant as well as I joint AIESEC and I got key position their such as Team leader of External Relation, Vice President of Educational Exchange and MCP or National President of AIESEC in Afghanistan positions in very short time, AIESEC aims to developed the potential of youths at leadership and culture understating, by exchange program among Young's at more then 110 countries and 850 universities campus and introduce the young's with positive impact to communities.

As an Afghan citizen and social active, I know my country and the region well, and I am aware of my country and region' history, politics, sociology, local culture and especially socio-economic characteristics.

Afghanistan is now on its way toward reconstruction and rehabilitation despite of many challenges. And no doubt this process and breaking of these challenges needs educated Afghans, particularly youths who are valuable asset of community covering 75-80 % of the country population.

My academic background, aboard and inside work experience, and presences in various biggest international conferences in different European and Asian countries motivated me to gain more education and move forward for being able serve my country.

Therefore, attending this program will further enhance my higher education and cultural knowledge to comprehensively work for Afghanistan and utilize them for better future and prosperity of Afghanistan.

Hopefully after completion of this program in coming year I intend to work for the objectives of my professional career, which at the later stage transform to the objectives of my country in fighting against corruption and strengthening the economy of my country.

Therefore, I would like to request you for your assistance in providing me the opportunity of admittance in this program for further and higher education.

The Woodrow Wilson School’s website tells you:

“Your personal statement should showcase your strengths and provide an overview of your background, goals, academic and professional aspirations, and a commitment to public service. The personal statement should be approximately two to four pages. If you wish to address any weaknesses in your application, it is better to write a separate, succinct, fact-based explanation as an addendum.”

You have two to four pages to say what you need to say, which is a wide range and gives you space to work with. Just because they give you four pages doesn’t mean you need to fill the full four pages. A well written and concise statement is better than filling it the to the max.

Let’s start with the last phrase which is critical to this application component, “a commitment to public service.” Think hard about what your commitment to public service actually is.

What they’re really asking is: what draws you to this work? 

Why have you chosen to pursue a career in public service? When answering, don’t fall into platitudes, like “I want to serve my country” or “I care about using policy to improve the lives of others.” Go personal.

The personal statement is the place where your application comes alive and you become more than test scores and transcripts. If you’re having trouble articulating what it is that really motivates you, sit down with a friend or family member and have them interview you, probing for stories that have influenced you along the way. This should draw out the elements of public service that stimulate you the most, the elements that cause you to want to get up in the morning and work long days.

Again, the more personal the better. Show the depth of your personality and the basis for your commitment to public service.

Goals, academic and professional aspirations. This is another section that trips up many applicants. Make sure you’re clear in your goals, that you describe them in a compelling way, and that they make sense, particularly for this program. Academic and professional aspirations may be slightly different from other goals or they may be one and the same; I find it most helpful to think of them all together.

One way to tackle this is to lay out 3, 5, 10 and 20 year goals. You may not choose to write about all of them, but it’s a way to think about where you’re going, where you want to end up, and everything along the way.

Once you think you have a good set of goals to include in the personal statement, run them by someone else alongside the articulation of your commitment to public service and make sure the two complement each other.

Finally, yourtalk about your background. This is just another space Woodrow Wilson is allowing you to tell your story. Hopefully, your answer is linked to your commitment to public service and you can tell them about where you come from and/or what you’ve done academically and professionally.

How does what you are saying support the arc, or continuity, of your story? You want the admissions officer reading your statement to get a sense of you as a person, what makes you tick and why. You want to give them facts that support your claims and goals.

Don’t regurgitate your resume or your transcripts–they have those in front of them. If you need ideas, mention a job you had or a course you took (only if you have more to say about it). Was it a pivotal time for you? Did it shift they way you thought about something? If yes, then feel free to mention.

Finally, think about this: if you had 3 minutes of time in front of the person making the decision about your acceptance, would what you say to sway them? Why you? Make sure to include this in your personal statement.

(Note: Contrary to some other programs that may encourage you to address weaknesses in your application in the personal statement, WWS specifically tells you not to do this and instead discuss those in an addendum. Pay attention to this and don’t include this in the Statement. Following the rules is the #1 rule of these applications.)

Once you feel happy with the content of your statement, have a few friends read it over to make sure they come away with the message you intended. Ask them what their take-aways were after reading your statement and what they’ve learned about you as an applicant. This will provide valuable insight into how compelling your essay is.

After you’ve made any adjustments these conversations generate, next ask 2-3 people (and it could be the same people) to read it over for grammar errors and typos. There is no excuse for these mistakes in your personal statement. Don’t give the admissions officer any reason to discount your otherwise great story!

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