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Human Trafficking Research Paper Ideas For Child


Research paper ideas

Inquiry: What are the policies in place to stop the growth of human trafficking across the world


Thesis: Human trafficking is a rabidly growing issue that can be prevented by raising awareness to pre-eisting regulations and policiesWhat I want to argue- that policy is making steps in the right direction but it needs to continue bcit is still an unclear issue!

"aragraph ideas



Hard to interpret the definition of trafficking


#aw enforcement only really focusing on se trafficking


$wareness- trafficking can hide in plain sight


#aw enforcement need to be educate


R%&- other ways to help


'ore laws to help young victims

&upport new trafficking survivor(s relief act of )*+,

ondensed ideas


.ifficulty with the .efinition of Trafficking

/roups labor trafficking into se trafficking

an be confusing for everyone


#aw enforcement

Tend to usually focus on se trafficking

They need to be educated bc they often arrest the victims and do not handle it correctly


"ublic awareness

ould help law enforcement


R%&- other ways to help

&e trafficking hotline


 0egativity of sanctions

Hurts foreign relations


How prostitution clouds policy-%laws in T1"$&e trafficking is not se trafficking unless a child is involved not true-

When we hear the phrase "human trafficking," we often think of movement—that people are being trafficked, moved around, perhaps even from country to country. This is not necessarily the case. In some cases, human trafficking does not refer whatsoever to geographical location. People can be trafficked in their own hometown and even come home to their loved ones at the end of the day. These kinds of cases aren't what people usually imagine when they think of human trafficking—and they can make a strong subject for a paper that will deepen a reader's understanding of the issue.

In first-world countries, we often want to think that human trafficking is something far away from us, but that is simply not true. Research into "local" cases of human trafficking, as well as signs we can use to identify someone being trafficked, will definitely add to one's understanding of this horrible system.

I know that these are difficult topics to deal with, because we do not want to think of anyone being abused in the ways that these victims are, but educating yourself on the problem can lead to you being a part of the solution. 

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