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Essay On Cat In Hindi Wikipedia

Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Cow (Animal)

Cows are large, black-and-white animals that carry "pink bags of milk."[1] Sometimes cows can be brown, as well as other colors. They are found throughout the world.[2] All known cows in the Warriors series have been depicted as black-and-white, however.[3]


Cows are large animals. Their weight ranges from 147 - 1363 kilograms, and their height between 49 - 52 inches. They have short fur covered in mainly black, white and brown. They have a long, tufted tail. Some have two, hollow horns on their heads. Cows have a long, flap of skin along their neck all the way to the front legs called a "dewlap".[4]

Cows are farm animals that are raised for their milk, meat and leather hides.[5] They mainly eat grass, hay and plants as they are herbivores and they drink heaps of water a day.[6]They eat grass by twisting it around their tongue and cutting it with their lower teeth. They are ruminants, which allows them to breakdown the plants where they consume it. Their stomach has four parts, a rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. The grass goes in their rumen, where it is mixed with special bacteria. Then the food goes into the reticulum, where it breaks down even more. Since it is only partly digested, it is known as "cud," is chewed on. After it is swallowed, it moves onto the omasum and abomasum, where the nutrients are absorbed and the food is broken down to the maxium. The disgestion process takes around 70 to 100 hours.[7]

Mating can occur all year round, but most calves or baby cows are born in the spring. A calf is normally born after 9 months in gestation. Calfs are able to stand and walk and recognize other cows soon after birth. The mother cow will nurse the calf for 6 months. The next 6 months, the calf becomes a cow and is independent. Females can start mating at about 1 year, and it can continue for the next 12 years of their life. A cow's lifespan can go on for up to 20 years.[8]

Cows live in groups called herds. Each cow must yield to anyone above in hierarchy. In hierarchy, calves adopt to their mother's. The mothers are highly protective of their children, and they will chase anything that threatens them. Female cows share the parental care in the herd. Cows communicate to each other through chemical signals, touch, visual cues and sounds. [9]

Relation to Clan cats

Cows are neutral about hostility to Clan cats. They normally won't do any harm to cats as long as they stay away from their huge feet.[10] They are usually seen enclosed in a field surrounded by a Twoleg fence harmless to cats except for stomping on them.[10] They can't attack cats.[11] Although, if a cat gets too close to a cow, they can do some harmful things to cats, even if they don't mean it.[12] A stampeding herd of cows could trample a cat without them noticing it.[13] Seeing they have a large size, fighting techniques don't do much use. Cows are similiar to horses but much larger and stronger. [12]

Clan cats don't like being near cows.[12] Cats don't like their hot, damp breath.[12] Their tails can slap cats in the face hard without them even realizing it. Cats also cannot kill the animals for food, seeing that cows are much stronger and can kill a cat easily without even trying.[12]

Book Mentions

In the Super Edition Arc

Moth Flight's Vision

When Moth Flight, Cow, and Mouse enter the barn, Moth Flight sees huge black-and-white creatures that shift and huff at one end of it. Moth Flight asks if they are dangerous, but Mouse responds that cows are clumsy, but not mean, and if she stays away from their hooves she'll be okay. When the WindClan she cat asks what the place is, Mouse answers that it's a barn, and Twolegs store their hay in the loft and keep the cows below. The next morning, Moth Flight sees the cows swish their hooves in the straw in the barn.

In the Dawn of the Clans Arc

The Sun Trail

While Gray Wing searches for signs of movement in the open, he scrambles backwards as a cow looms over him. He gazes up at it, and sees that more were following it as they through a gap in the line of bushes. He notices that they were bigger than sheep, and as he casts his mind back to the elders' stories, he wonders if they were cows. One of them lets out a deep-throated moo, and Gray Wing remembers how Misty Water loved to imitate the noise, which scared the kits who listened to her tales.

In the New Prophecy Arc


The cats on the journey to the sun-drown place see a group of cows in a fenced field, standing together in the shade of some trees, swishing their tails and munching on long, cool grass, and are unsure if they are dangerous. They notice that the cows ignore them, although they take care to stay away from the cows' giant hooves, which could easily kill a cat if the cat was stepped on, much like a horse.


When the cats on the Great Journey are stopping to shelter at Barley and Ravenpaw's barn, Barley wonders if so many cats are staying at the barn, when the Twolegs come to get the cow's straw, they will go crazy.

In the Power of Three Arc


On the way to the Tribe of Rushing Water, Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Jaypaw see cows for the first time in their lives. They worry if the cows will attack the cats, and are scared at the sight of their size. Purdy and Squirrelflight however, comfort the apprentices, by saying that they won't do any harm as long as they stay away from their huge, heavy hooves.


As the cats journeying to find Sol go through the fields, they see some cows. Lionblaze and Hollyleaf remember them from their trip to the mountains. Brambleclaw assures the younger cats that the cows won't attack, although they are still doubtful. The cows gather around them, far closer then the warriors want them to be. Brackenfur leads the patrol out of the group of cows.

In the Tigerstar and Sasha Arc

Escape from the Forest

When Sasha is on the boat, as she is moving, she sees some cows. She never knew that the world could be like that.

In the Ravenpaw's Path Arc

Shattered Peace

When Ravenpaw is introducing the farm, cows are shown to be there.
As Ravenpaw and Barley are going for a walk, they see cows. They cross through their land.
Later when Ravenpaw is walking, Barley wants to speak to him about the visitors, Willie and his group. They pass by some cows on their way.
After the barn gets burnt down, Ravenpaw and Barley decide to stay at the cow's place, as they weren't using it.

The Heart of a Warrior

When Ravenpaw and Barley come back to the barn with Firestar and some other ThunderClan cats, they decide to make their camp at the cowshed.
As Ravenpaw, Barley and the ThunderClan patrol are waiting to strike their attack on the rogues living at the farm, they hear the Twolegs feeding the cows and chickens.
Ravenpaw and Barley start to live at the barn again. When Ravenpaw wakes up, he can sense the cows along with the chickens, Twolegs and the creak of the barns wooden walls.
At the end, Ravenpaw and Barley are looking at the view of the farm. They see some cows.

In the Field Guide Arc

Secrets of the Clans

Cows are listed as "Other Animals". They are explained to have four legs, and their hooves are to be avoided. It is said that they are harmless, but cats have to be aware of a stampeding herd of cows, as they could crush a cat without realizing it.

End of Spoiler Warning

References and Citations

Hindi Short Stories


"Billi Aur Bandar"
Cat And The Monkey




Ek Gaon  mein doh billiyan rahti thee. Wah aapas mein bahaut pyar say rahatee thee. Oonhay jo kuch milta tha, usse aapus mein baantkar khaya karti thee.Ek din oonhay ek roti milli. Usse barabar - barabar baantay samay oonmay jhagada ho gaya. Ek billi ko apni roti ka tukda doosri billi ke roti kay tukday say chotta lagga. Parantu doosri biili ko apni roti ka tukda chotta nahi lagga.

Jab dono billiyan kissi samjhotay par nahi pahonch payi toh dono billiyan ek bandar kay paas gayi. Oonhonay bandar ko sari baat batayi aur ussay nayay karnay kay leeyay kaha. Sari baat sunkar bandar ek taraju le kar aaya aur dono tukaday ek-ek paldhay mein rakh deeyay. Tohltay samay jo paldha bhari hua, uss wali tarf say ussne thodi see roti todhkar apne muh mein daal lee. Ab doosri taraf ka paldha bhari ho gaya, toh bandar nay uss  tarf say roti todhkar apne muh mein daal lee. Ess tarah bandar kabhi ess taraf say toh kabhi uss tarf say roti jayada hone ka kahkar roti todhkar apne muh mein daa layta.

Dono billiyan chupchap bandar kay phaysalay ka intezar karti rahin. Parantu jab dono billiyon nay dekha key dono tukday bahaut chottay-chottay raha gaye tu wah bandar say bolli - " Aap chinta na karay hum apne aap baantwara kar lengi."

Ess par bandar bola - " Jaisa aap theek samjho, parnatu mujhe bhi apni mehnat ki mazdoori milani chahiya." Itna kahkar bandar nay roti kay bachay huay dono tukday apne muh mein bhar leyay aur billiyon ko wahan say bhaga diya.

Dono billiyon ko apni galti ka bahaut dukh hua aur oonhay samajh mein aa gaya key - "Aapaas key foot bahaut boori hoti hai aur doosaray eska phayada ootha saktay hai."


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