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Carbon Footprint Reduction Essay Writing

Carbon Footprint


The carbon footprint shows how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases a person produces in everyday life.  It measures the amount of fossil fuels and electricity someone uses up as well as the carbon footprint of the products they buy.

When we use our cars or heat our homes with oil or natural gas, carbon dioxide and various other gases are set free.  These emissions lead to a denseratmosphere and global warming.

You can measure your carbon footprint by using a calculator that you can find on various websites. It shows you in which way your living habits damage the environment. The carbon footprint usually measured in tons of CO2 per year. In America for example, every citizen produces about 28 tons of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases a year, in Great Britain the amount is about 10 tons.




How to reduce your carbon footprint

There are many actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint.

The way we travel, for example, has a majorimpact on our environment. Use your bike or walk for short distances. Public transport is a way of getting to places without putting a burden on the environment. If you use your car see to it that it is maintained correctly and that it does not burn more fuel than it should.

Buying localfood is also a way of curbing emissions into the atmosphere. Many environmental experts, however, argue that it often saves energy to buy food that is produced naturally in faraway places than consuming food grown locally in greenhouses.

In your home you can contribute to saving energy by turning off lights if you don’t need them or by avoiding the use of air conditioners, which contribute a lot to global warming and emit CFCs that destroy the ozone layer. Electrical appliances can save energy if you set them to standby mode.

Recycling plastic, glass and paper can also reduce your carbon footprint drastically.

It is also vital to persuade others to take the same steps that you do. Only if we concentrate on reducing carbon emissions together can we hope to make our environment better.


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  • amount = how much
  • appliance = small machine that does household work
  • argue = here: to have a different opinion
  • avoid = keep away from
  • burden = load, weight
  • calculator = software or small machine that can do mathematic factions
  • carbon dioxide = the gas that is produced when animals breathe out or when carbon is burned in the air
  • CFC = chlorofluorocarbons = gases in refrigerators and spray cans  that damage the ozone layer
  • citizen = a person who lives in a country and has rights there
  • consume = hear: eat
  • contribute = help
  • curb = lower, reduce
  • dense = thick
  • drastically = very much
  • electricity = power that is carried in wires and cables and is used to produce heat or light or make machines work
  • emission =  gases that are sent into the air
  • environment = the world around us
  • fossil fuel = material like coal, oil and gas that can be burned ; it is produced when plants and animals die over millions of years
  • fuel = oil, gas, coal etc.. that we burn to produce  energy
  • greenhouse = glass building used for growing vegetables, flowers and other plants
  • greenhousegas = a gas, especially carbon dioxide or methane,  that does not let the heat escape from our atmosphere and causes it to heat up
  • impact = influence, effect
  • living habit = the way we live
  • local = produced in the area you live
  • maintain = look after something and keep it in good condition by doing repairs regularly
  • major = big
  • measure = to find out how much something is
  • persuade = to get others to think in the same way
  • public transport = buses, trains etc… that everyone can use
  • recycle = to use something over and over again
  • reduce = make smaller, lower
  • standby mode = to keep a machine ready so that it can be used immediately
  • various = different kinds of
  • vital = very important

Global warming solutions are very necessary to be discussed and followed by everyone for the wellness of our environment and health. It should be discussed among people especially schools students because they are the future and can easily understand and solve the problems related to the global warming. We have provided below some essays on Global warming solutions under different word limits for the school students.

Essay on Global Warming Solutions

Global Warming Solutions Essay 1 (100 words)

There are many effective global warming solutions which may reduce the effect of global warming if followed seriously by the people all over the world. We should reduce the emission of heat trapping green house gases released from various sources in order to reduce green house effect and thus global warming. We should reduce our dependency over technological and electricity needs. We should use energy efficiency technologies (less energy use), use greening transportation means more efficient mass transportation systems, promote the use of renewable means natural source of energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc) and reduces our use of fossil fuels especially carbon-intensive coals to reduce climate change and thus global warming.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 2 (150 words)

We should think positively and seriously about the global warming and make our habits action oriented in order to surely solve this huge environmental problem. We should be more practical on daily basis to reduce green house gas emissions especially carbon emissions and slow the pace of global warming. Our positive habits help us and our future generations to get healthier and safer life on the earth. In order to address the problems of global warming we should reduce the amount of heat-trapping green house gas emissions. We are following bad habits unknowingly on daily basis which is creating big threat of global warming. Our increasing demands of technologies, electricity, transportation, etc are stimulating negative climate changes and putting our lives at danger.

It is not a work, it is our responsibility to think about it and do best to solve. We just need to understand the side effects of everything what we use in our home or offices on daily basis and follow right step in the right direction.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 3 (200 words)

Main reason of the ever increasing global warming is the unlimited source of emission of green house gases especially from man-made sources. In order to limit or reduce the global warming pollution we should limit our unnecessary technological needs. We should raise our voice together against global warming and do every possible effort to reduce its harming effects. We should go with the clean and renewable energy use means electricity produced by the wind, solar system and other clean sources. Whenever we drive, we should smartly drive our cars and other means of transportation. We should share our traveling by personal means of transportation instead of driving alone. We should go for alternatives means of transportation means use public transit, walking, biking, carpooling, etc instead of personal means.

We should choose an efficient vehicle means vehicles having high-mileage (hybrids and plug-in hybrids) with less energy use. We should be more energy-efficient in our daily life and buy energy-efficient appliances. We can be so by replacing our simple light bulbs with the compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) because they last 10 times longer and use less energy than the common bulbs. We should switch off all the lights and other electric devices in our home to avoid unnecessary use and reduce the level of heat.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 4 (250 words)

We need to control the effects of global warming which require a meaningful discussion and positive action oriented habits. Earth’s surface temperature is rising day by day continuously without taking rest. It is very tough to reduce the effects of global warming however not impossible. Our regular and get together effort may make it possible to get control over global warming. Threats of global warming such as melting of glaciers, climate change, rising sea level, droughts, deadly storm events, epidemic diseases, lost endangered species, etc are increasing. We should use energy efficient products means the products which use less energy such as fluorescent bulbs instead of common bulbs.

Use of nuclear energy may reduce the level of carbon emission and thus global warming to great extent. We should reduce the burning of fossil fuels (wood or coal) by reducing our dependence over fossil fuels in order to reduce carbon emissions. We never forget to switch off the bulbs, fans, and other electric devices whenever leave the room because such devices generate heat and cause global warming. Deforestation should be stopped on urgent basis in order to improve the absorption of green house gases from the atmosphere and reduce the effect of global warming. We should promote more new plantation among common public. We should explore the renewable sources of energy and use public transportation instead of personal. There is need of more research and development in order to create low carbon technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

Global Warming Solutions Essay 5 (300 words)

Reducing the level of heat-trapping green house gas emissions in the atmosphere is the big step towards reducing the global warming. Use of energy-efficient products by properly understanding that which practice generates more carbon. We should make our choices climate-friendly which help us to save money and energy. Following all the measures set to tackle global warming very strictly may help us to get control over it. Making our homes air tight may help us in reducing our need of cooling in summer or heating in winter which ultimately reduce heat generation and absorption by the atmosphere thus control global warming.

We should generally avoid eating things which take more time and heat to cook such as chicken, eat, and beef. Other individual means to contribute in the reduction of global warming is the use public transport instead of personal transport or carpooling method is also good. Use of programmable thermostat is also nice option to reduce heating and cooling emissions by 15% percent. Everyone should use power strips whether at home or office or home entertainment centres. Upgrading of the refrigerators and air conditioners is also necessary after every five or six years. Use of an electricity monitor in the home or office is also best method to track and reduce electricity use.

Changing light bulbs taking more energy than the bulbs taking less energy is good for reducing global warming. Other options are washing clothes using normal tap water instead of hot water. The habit of reusing and recycling things is very good option to combat with pollution and global warming. Policy maker should make new, effective and strict policies towards global warming so that everyone can follow strictly. Another effective method is the use of word of mouth technique to create awareness among common public about solutions of global warming.


Global Warming Solutions Essay 6 (400 words)

It is very challenging task for us to control global warming however not impossible. Awareness programmes in the field of reducing global warming may help a lot to the people. Control over this big threat is possible but need more effort from the end of every person living on this planet. It needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the safer levels which can be possible through some changes in the personal lifestyle. It may reduce the carbon impact which is considered as the one of the dangerous green house gases.

It needs to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels, oil, coal, natural gases, etc. It is quiet daunting challenge however possible within the reach of human beings. Reducing the dependence over use of fossil fuels may solve the problems to a great level. Practice of using alternatives such as plant-derived plastics, wind power, biodiesel, etc should be done. Control over the transportation is another big hand towards the reduction of global warming because means of transportation alone contribute to the high level emission of greenhouse gas. According to the statistics, it is noted that burning of single gallon of gasoline creates around 20 pounds of the carbon dioxide gas. CO2).

Airplanes are the fastest growing source of emitting greenhouse gases on daily basis which is very tough to control. In order to effectively control the release of greenhouse gases we just buy less stuff and try to reuse and recycle things. Good and efficient driving is also a best trick to reduce the release of harmful gases causing earth’s surface temperature to rise. Use of more efficient electric devices, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other appliances may reduce the warming effect. Following good habits like turn off the lights, TV, fans or other electric devices when not in use may also cut the level of green house gases.

Cutting of trees and deforestation should be stopped on urgent basis because plants are the main source of refreshing air and consuming CO2 from the atmosphere. New tree plantation should be promoted among the public with the complete description so that they may understand better. According to the statistic, it is noted that around 33 million acres of the forests are cutting down per year. It is very simple to imagine the condition of atmosphere in the absence of plants or continuously reducing the number of plants on such a fast rate. People should buy energy-efficient electric gadgets to reduce the use of energy and prevent the greenhouse gas emissions and thus global warming.


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