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Cla1501 Assignment 1-20 12k Gf

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CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A – Semester 1


CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A

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  • Afrikaans
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    • Notes
      • CLA1501_Unit_1.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_10.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_11.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_12.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_2.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_3.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_4.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_5.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_6.doc
      • CLA1501_Unit_7.doc
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      • CLA1501_Unit_9.doc
  • English
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    • Notes
      • Study Units 1 - 12
        • CLA101_10 Breach of Contract.doc
        • CLA101_11 Remedies for breach of contract.doc
        • CLA101_12 Transfer and Termination of personal rights.doc
        • CLA101_3 Law of contract.doc
        • CLA101_4 Consensus.doc
        • CLA101_5 Capacity to perform juristic acts.doc
        • CLA101_6 The Agreement must be possible.doc
        • CLA101_7 Formalities.doc
        • CLA101_8 Terms of the contract.doc
        • CLA101_9 Interpretation of the Contract.doc
    • Solutions
      • CLA1501_2008Revision Q & A.doc
      • CLA1501_Answers 1.pdf
      • CLA1501_Answers 2.pdf
  • exam_pack
    • CLA1501-2016-6-E-1 exam pack part 1.pdf
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CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A Section A: (a) The South African legal system; (b) Introduction to the theory of law. Section B: The law of obligations; introduction to the law of contract; the formation of acontract; principles and rules concerning valid and binding contracts; breach of contract; remedies on the ground of breach of contract; the transfer and termination of obligations.

Prescribed book for cla1501 commercial law 1a

TitleGeneral Principles of Commercial Law
AuthorHavenga et al
Year Published2010

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