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Personal Statement Format Latex

Re: Personal Statement Format

Postby Helio » Thu Dec 04, 2008 8:53 pm

matonski wrote:Open LaTeX editor (I use TeXShop on macs and TeXnicCenter on windows). Then type:


This is my personal statement. I must have so much time on my hands because this obviously took so long to write.


now click "typeset" or "build."

Instead of my text above, you can just type your entire personal statement.

Why do you even bother typing when you just use their templates?

I just use LaTeX because I don't own Word on my machine and Open office for the Mac is just a pain in the ass sometimes.

matonski wrote:Now LaTeXing homework assignments... I've tried that as well and that takes much longer than 30 seconds more than the traditional hand-written way for me. I still do it though on occassion, always thinking that the ability to copy and paste will make it faster, but it still always takes too long. For me at least.

Depends on the homework for my stats homework where everything is half written half math I use paper and pen for the written i use LaTex

tmc wrote:
twistor wrote:
Some people find it more convenient to use tex instead of word, as it takes care of the formatting for you and looks generally nicer.

Just like some people find it easier to transcribe books by hand rather than use a copy machine.

You're speaking as if using TeX was any harder or longer than using Word

You must be using some messed up TeX-writing software or something. For me, it's literally faster to make a nice document in LaTeX than in it in Word. Period. It's faster, it's better, and uses free software. There is literally no reason for me to use anything else.

Open Office is free is basically does the same as Word. Just on Mac it is pain in the ass to use sometimes cause it somehow messes itself up.

I used LaTeX for my CV as well, why cause it looks better and somehow is easier formatable then using word, at least from my point of view.

twistor wrote:
matonski wrote:It's easy and I like the way it looks better. Shame on us for trying to impress the readers of our SOP. What a horrible horrible idea.

The point is that any professor will see through this ruse. Frankly, if I sat on a committee and someone had the balls to submit a LaTeX'ed document thinking it would be impress me I would be much more likely to have a negative view of the submitting candidate.

Any half-ass qualified candidate either already knows TeX or can pick it up in graduate school and professors, of course, know this. So focus on more important aspects of your application.

If they give you a negative review based on what program you use to write you letters they seriously should rethink them being in the board

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