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College Essay Tutoring Rates

I have previous tutoring experience (as well as being an Ontario Certified Teacher). I'd like to get back into some tutoring/editing work on the side, but I'm not sure how to charge for what I'm hoping to do. I don't really have the time or the flexibility to offer one-on-one tutoring, so I was hoping to offer "editing online" types of services where someone would email me their work and I'd send it back in x amount of time with corrections, editing suggestions, etc. I've done this in the past for journalists, law students, etc. and it seemed to work well. Here's the problem: how do I set up a reasonable and attractive fee structure for this?

Some factors:

- I am very meticulous and it can take several hours to fix something up. Some people are willing to pay per hour, but not many -- especially if their writing is awful to start with.

- I have an M.A. in English literature and seven years of high school teaching experience

- the going rate for tutoring around here (Toronto/GTA) for certified teachers is $40-$50/hour, although of course there is a huge range out there

So I see a couple of options, but I hope Ask MeFi can suggest some others:

1. Lower the hourly rate for editing to something like $20/hr, knowing that I will still make a fair amount due to the number of hours it takes to do a comprehensive job

2. Charge for a certain amount of editing. I've seen people offer "two major, and three minor suggestions", for example, at a fixed price.


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College Essay Solutions offers premium services at prices that are fair and affordable. Because we are a “student first” company, our college essay tutoring is offered at a flat, rather than an hourly or per draft rate. You can also call or text us at anytime, or FaceTime or Skype by appointment, with questions, comments, or issues to be discussed. Why? Because we love this stuff!

Common Application Essay (650 word maximum):  $699

Supplemental Essays:
The fee for supplemental essays is either one half or two thirds of the essay word count, depending on the complexity of the essay. On a 300 word essay, for example, the cost is either $150 or $200. If an essay is reused for more than one school, there is no charge.

Personal Statement for Graduate, Medical, Law School and MBA’s:  $895




Please make checks payable to Craig Heller Productions and send to:


6355 DeSoto Avenue, Ste. B405
Woodland Hills, CA  91367

Call Craig today at 818-340-1276.  Click here to e-mail him now. 

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