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Gun Rights Vs Gun Control Essay Sample

Gun Control versus Gun Rights Essay

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In America guns have been a part of the country’s society since it’s birth. Throughout history the citizens of the US have used firearms to protect the nation, protect their families, hunt for food and engage in sporting activities. The issue of Guns and gun control is complex. Weighing the rights and liberties of the individual against the welfare and safety of the public has always been a precarious balancing act. In the United States, gun control is one of these tumultuous issues that has both sides firmly entrenched in their positions. Those parties in favor of gun ownership and the freedom to use and keep arms, rely on the fact that the provision for such rights is enshrined in their constitution. In this climate of…show more content…

The exact number of gun owners in America is unknown. There are approximately 44 million firearms owners in the US, according to a National Institute of Justice survey conducted in 1994. Looking at firearm production data from 2010, various gun manufactures state the figure is as high as 300 million people. (Agresti and Smith, justfacts.com, 02/12/12). Regardless of the precise number of guns in America they are an everyday reality. For the gun enthusiast there are a number of activities which in some families, have taken on an almost religious reverence. Hunting is engaged in by 23 to 43.7 million Americans, according to a national survey in 2001, conducted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Generations of families , fathers , grandfathers and sons have enjoyed the great outdoors, refining and taking pleasure in hunting.Target shooting, collecting and self protection constitutes the remainder of “legal gun owners in the U.S. Groups such as the National Rifle Association are the most outspoken and self proclaimed defender of gun owner’s rights. In 2011 the N.R.A. joined a lawsuit to continue its primary role in America. In a court update Chris Cox writes (2011), “The NRA fights to enforce--and extend--gun owners' rights.” Cox’s writing on this case illustrates the divide between state and federal government restrictions, and

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Considering the present times of war, violence and terrorism, gun control vs gun rights is not limited to leisurely discussions and high school debates but has emerged as one that has deep-rooted effects on culture, geography and lifestyle in general. It is no more a fueled debate on “Guns are cool vs Guns are dangerous”. Here are a few instances on how people like to present their views on Gun control as well as Gun Rights.

More restrictive laws regarding Guns and similar weapons

Society and human nature are constantly evolving. In a place where human interaction is masked by racial, social and political differences, the rift grows wider and the inability to understand each other increases. Today, the American society is an amalgamation of a multitude of cultures, religions and ethnicities, and this has further aggravated the differences in opinions and arguments. Naturally, humans fear what they cannot understand, and sometimes arguments are born out of nothing. What starts as a mild confrontation can eventually lead to murder. Firearms in such a society must be dealt with utmost caution and care. Guns or similar weapons make a man feel powerful and with such power comes abuse. It is the need of the hour to strengthen laws and legislature regarding the sale and purchase of firearms.

Increasing crime rates involving guns

9mm pistols, rifles with silencers or long-range guns of any type are standard weapons of murder that are taken into police custody every day from crime scenes. This is the reason enough to monitor and curtail the ownership of guns. Why? It is because gun ownership is in direct correlation with the climb in violence. This is perhaps the strongest argument that is made in favor of gun control because inevitably, guns are means to kill and sometimes for no apparent reason at all. The numbers and statistics further prove this point. In the years from 1988 -1997, a study was conducted by American Journal for public Health on 233,251 homicide victims in US alone. It was found out that over 68% of these killings were done by guns, although mostly handguns.

Almost an outlandish number of guns in America

At the moment, more than 38% Americans own guns. By 2005, an alarming 290 million guns were estimated to be in circulation and out of these, almost 40% were handguns. To add to this number, there is now an additional 3-5 million guns, which change hands on the black market as part of illegal deals. As a result, smuggled and contraband firearms are rampant on the market and their sale and purchase goes unregulated for the most part. This is a golden opportunity for convicts, mafia and other criminal-minded people to get their hands on such weapons.

On the other hand, there are people who declare it unconstitutional for gun ownership to be outlawed. There is much debate over the empowerment of US citizens against governmental oppression. Whether the power shall be transferred to individuals or given to collective groups is something that needs to be determined.

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